Elon Law honors students for pro bono work

Students who completed more than 75 hours of pro bono service were recognized on April 13, 2016, during the Pro Bono Board’s Spring Reception.

Story and photos by Leah Britt L’17

More than two dozen Elon University School of Law students were recognized this month for their contributions to the community via legal aide they provided through various programs and clinics.

Pro bono work is directly related to meeting the legal needs of underrepresented groups in society. Students from the Class of 2016 who completed more than 75 hours of pro bono work include:

  • Allanah McClintock
  • Andrew Henkle
  • Angelique Ryan
  • Daniel Karlsson
  • Diamond Zephir
  • Diana Pappayliou
  • Holly Wilcox
  • John Dow
  • Justin Byrd
  • Kaitlyn Bailey
  • Karizza Mendoza
  • Mackenzie Myers
  • Mark Funkhouser
  • Morgan Meyers
  • Scheherazade Pittman
  • ShaKeta Berrie
  • Sonja Russell
  • Thomas Mitchell Finch
  • Victoria Hinton

John Dow was awarded with “Most Overall Pro Bono Hours” for his class with 741 total of pro bono hours.

Student from the Class of 2017 with more than 75 hours of pro bono work included:

  • Abigail Seymour
  • Alex Giordanella
  • Billy Sivyer
  • Jennifer LaBeau
  • Kelly Walker
  • Kelsey Mattison Chilton
  • Landon Hodges
  • Merima Mustafic

Merima Mustafic received the award for “Most Overall Pro Bono Hours” for her class with a total of 449 pro bono hours.

The December Class of 2017 presented Phyniques Williams with the same award for more than 75 pro bono hours. She also received the “Most Overall Pro Bono Hours” honor.

Three students were also awarded for their pro bono work in the Elon Law clinics:

  • Katherine Torrance, Elder Law Clinic
  • Joshua Barefoot, Small Business Clinic
  • Daniel Karlsson, Immigration Clinic

Daniel Harris L’13 was the guest speaker and encouraged students to remember their desire to help people after they graduate. He stressed the importance of the chance to learn through pro bono work. Harris is currently an attorney at Clifford Clendenin & O’Hale LLP in Greensboro.

The Pro Bono Board is hosting “Ask a Lawyer Day” on April 23. This gives member of the community the chance to let legal answers from local attorneys without charge. More information can be found here.