Eco-Art students create installations in the Living Studio greenhouse 

This week begins a series of eco-art installations created by students in Samantha DiRosa's Eco-Art course on issues and narratives surrounding the Haw River and Haw River watershed.

Living Studio greenhouse
For the next several weeks, collaborative eco-art installations will cycle through the Living Studio greenhouse, adjacent to Scott Studios. All of the installations, created by collaborative teams in Samantha DiRosa’s upper-level art studio course “Eco-Art” embody various narratives around the Haw River and our larger watershed.  Students researched historical and contemporary issues connected to the river, and it’s role in shaping this region, both culturally and ecologically.  This week begins with an installation about some historical aspects of the Haw, specifically its role in the underground railroad.  Next week’s installations will reveal issues around water quality and invasive species problems, and in the week’s following installations will explore other environmental impacts to the Haw, including the potential consequencesof fracking in the region.  Please pop in to explore the installations these next several weeks!  The Living Studio will be open from about 9 until 5 each day.