School of Education honors excellence

A total of 35 undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Education were inducted into the international honor society in education April 28, 2016.

The School of Education honored the academic excellence of 35 undergraduate and graduate students as they were inducted into the Sigma Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the international honor society in education. Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) was founded in 1911 by leading thinkers in education at the University of Illinois. Since that time, it has grown to an international organization that exceeds 1.2 million members. Acceptance into KDP is based upon the criteria of academic excellence (GPA of 3.6 or higher) and the recommendation of three teacher education faculty members. 

Associate Professor of Education Stephen Byrd, faculty sponsor and organizer of the event, began last night’s ceremony with the lighting of the white Kappa Candle acknowledging the organization’s commitment to Elon’s motto Numen Lumen. Associate Professor of Education Richard Mihans, Associate Professor of Education Mary Knight-McKenna, Erin Hone, lecturer in education, and  Marna Winter, lecturer in education, led the students in affirming the society’s ideals of Fidelity to Service, Fidelity to Science, Fidelity to Humanity, and Fidelity to Toil.

Byrd offered a charge to the inductees on the theme “Embrace your calling; Honor your commitments.”  Winter, director of Education Outreach, concluded the ceremony with the society motto:  “So to serve that each day may enhance the growth of exploring minds; so to live that we may guide young and old to know the truth and love the right. To the fulfillment of these objectives we pledge our efforts.”

The School of Education is proud of the following undergraduate and graduate inductees: 

Anna Brown, Elementary Education

Courtney Beavan, Middle Grades Education

Victoria Bell, Elementary Education

Courtney Brocato, Special and Middle Grades Education

Fiona Bush, Elementary Education

Yeimi Cabrera, M.Ed. Elementary Education

Lauren Caturano, Elementary Education

Tabitha Core, Elementary Education

Emma Davis, Elementary Education

Julia Dennen, Elementary Education

Aimee Dickens, Special and Elementary Education 

Alison Doherty, Special and Elementary Education 

Caleigh Fidler, Elementary Education

Stephanie Gallagher, History Education 

Morgan Goldstein, Special and Elementary Education

Cynthia Gonzalez, M.Ed. Elementary Education

Christina Goodnough, Special and Elementary Education

Claire Gottlieb, Special and Elementary Education

Amy Heaton, Math Education 

William Hemminger, Biology Education

Margaux Holly, Elementary Education

Waverly Ann Jackson, Special and Elementary Education 

Hannah Jacobs, Elementary Education

Amanda Kane, Special and Elementary Education 

Tammy Laws, M.Ed. Gifted Education

Kristin Leesman, Special and Elementary Education

Anna Aurelia Lewis, Early Childhood Education

Emma Lindsay, Special and Elementary Education

Jhonatan Marin Mesa, M.Ed. Elementary Education 

Jenna Mason, Special and Middle Grades Education

Rachel Miller, Special and Elementary Education

Brittany Rathvon, History Education

Sara Rosenthal, Special and Elementary Education 

Allison Roteman, Elementary Education

Jennifer Taylor, Music Education

Rachel Yates, Special and Elementary Education