Reminder: Health history form, proof of required immunizations and insurance information due July 1, 2016

New undergraduate and transfer students should submit these materials to Elon’s Student Health Services as soon as possible. 

UPDATE (June 13, 2017): This article was posted in June 2016. For information about summer 2017 health form requirements for Elon’s incoming Class of 2021 (who arrive on campus in August 2017), please review the updated health form requirements article that was posted on June 9, 2017. 

In an effort to keep the families of incoming students informed, below is a message that new Elon students received via mail and email. Families should review this information with their student and be sure that materials are submitted as soon as possible. 

From the R.N. Ellington Center for Health and Wellness 

Dear new undergraduate or special students:

Are you ready to become a member of a highly engaged academic community where you will be transformed in mind, body and spirit? The staff at the R.N. Ellington Center welcomes you to Elon University and looks forward to working with you as you lead a life of health and wellness! Before you become a member of the academic community there are four key pieces of preparation that are essential. Please note these four processes are mandated requirements and must be completed by the date indicated. Students must complete these requirements to matriculate at Elon.

Submission of the Health Form and Required Immunizations

University Policy and State Regulations require that all new students submit a health form and all required immunizations by July 1, 2016. North Carolina Public Health law requires proof of immunization to protect you and others while you are attending Elon University. You do not need to complete a physical exam. You should review the regulations and recommendations as they apply to you. All required forms and additional information may be found here. If you have questions about health or immunization requirements, please email Student Health Services staff.

Proof of Medical Insurance 
Federal guidelines and university policy require that all students be enrolled in an insurance plan that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You will provide your insurance information on your health form. Many of you are already enrolled in ACA compliant insurance plans. If you are not currently enrolled in an ACA compliant insurance plan, you may want to consult the affordable care marketplace. 

Completion of Alcohol Edu
Alcohol Edu is a comprehensive, online alcohol education program that the university requires all first-year and transfer students to complete over the summer. Part 1 must be completed by Aug. 15, 2016. Students will be prompted to complete Part II 45-60 days after completing Part I. You will receive an email through your Elon email address in early to mid-July with instructions to access and complete Alcohol Edu. The course consists of two parts that take approximately two to three hours to complete. If you have questions about Alcohol Edu, please email Whitney Gregory, director of health promotion and student concerns outreach.

Completion of Haven Program 
Haven is an online education program that provides training for all students on issues associated with sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Completion of this program is required of new students. You will receive an email through your Elon email address in early to mid-July with instructions. You must complete the program no later than Aug. 15, 2016.  
Please be attentive to these requirements so your transition to Elon is a smooth one. I would recommend you spend time reviewing the Health Services, Counseling Services and Health Promotion websites.

Please note that all future communication about these requirements and other pieces of university business will be sent to your Elon email account. As a student, you are responsible for checking that email account often (I recommend daily) so you can be assured you are ready to matriculate in August! On behalf of the Student Health and Wellness leadership team, we look forward to working with you during your time at Elon. 
Yours in wellness,
Jana Lynn Patterson
Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Student Health and Wellness