Acorn Accolade received by Stefanie Poe 

Stefanie Poe, campus technology support lead at Elon, is the July recipient of the Acorn Accolade award. 

Poe receiving her accolade alongside Assistant VP of Technology Christopher Waters and supervisor Anthony Bennett.
Stefanie Poe, campus technology support lead for Elon, has been chosen as the July recipient for the Acorn Accolade award. The award is given each month to an outstanding member of Elon’s Instructional and Campus Technologies team and requires nomination by the individual’s department head to the Assistant Vice President of Technology. ​

Poe has worked with Campus Technology Support for two decades at Elon and is, according to her supervisor Anthony Bennett, “the heart and soul of [the] team.” Poe is responsible for ‘technological support’ – she’s the reason why our campus—including dorms, classrooms, and labs—has so many incredible software applications. From SAS and Mathematica in the labs to the Pharos UniPrint system all over campus Poe researches, installs, manages and updates major software packages used by both students and faculty. As a Support Lead she is also responsible for a team of technicians and engineers who further support the technological climate on campus, and works to forward Elon’s virtualization initiatives.

Despite being a tech guru Poe says that her favorite part of her job is the people, proudly declaring that she has the best coworkers. This is reflected in her leadership, as Bennett explains: “she has a strong understand of our team, what their motivations are, and her work and professionalism help lead them.” Poe has built lasting relationships with customers, works to anticipate the future of Elon’s technology, and keeps our campus up to date.

Our thanks and congratulations to Stefanie Poe!