Discussing a Tumultuous Summer 

P.A.R.C. - Danieley Neighborhood 5:30-6:45PM Wednesday Aug. 31

The Summer of 2016 was a busy one. Let’s talk about it! Don’t miss your chance to participate in an informal discussion on topics ranging from mass shootings to the political conventions to police violence to Ryan Lochte and Leslie Jones.

In order to offer our students additional context and opportunities for reflection on this historic summer, Danieley Neighborhood and the Council on Civic Engagement are holding a special session the first week of classes. Take this opportunity to think about how these events shape how you view the world and the next year on Elon’s campus. 

TIME: 5:30 to 6:45 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 31

LOCATION: P.A.R.C. – Danieley Center

Professor Naeemah Clark will lead a group of Elon faculty in breaking down and answering questions about the wide range of events of a historic summer. Other participants include:

Matthew Antonio Bosch, Gender and LGBTQIA Center

Jessica Carew, Department of Political Science

Jason Husser, Department of Political Science

Reiney Lin, CREDE 

Rena Zito, Department of Sociology