LEAD Program Tier Teams Reveal proves to be a 'heroic' success

The Leadership Education and Development Program hosted its annual Tier Teams Reveal last week. 

Last Week the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program hosted its annual Tier Teams Reveal, in the Lakeside conference rooms. Tier Teams are an optional aspect of the LEAD Program for first-year students. A Tier Team is a group of around 15 participants who come together to build relationships, enhance their leadership skills and develop community through Tier I of the LEAD Program.

More than 150 first-years have joined LEAD since the semester began. These students will participate together in LEAD as well as Tier Team specific events. Upperclassmen LEAD students will mentor these groups as Tier Team Captains throughout the school year.

Tier Team groups compete against one another throughout the academic year, earning points for attending LEAD workshops, Tier Team specific events, social gatherings and other Center for Leadership-sponsored activities. This year’s competition theme focused on Super Heroes! Each Tier Team represented a different super hero from the Marvel and DC comic universes. The superheroes included: Batman, Superman, Cat Woman, Green Lantern, Deadpool, Elastigirl, Black Widow and Captain America.

Tier Team captains this year are sophomores Katie Mars, Emily Golden, Hope Koene, Elizabeth McDonald, Nicole Durrell, David Duncan, David Shibley, Tucker Schweickart and Selina Guevara.

At the reveal, LEAD Program Community Director and Elon sophomore Audrey Funk, who oversees Tier Teams, welcomed students with a superhero themed presentation. She introduced the program, how to earn points throughout the year, and then revealed the captains!

Following the reveal, participants broke out into their teams where their captains led introductions and a group activity. To help students break the ice and get to know one another, each team was asked to come up with a creative way to introduce their team to the larger group. Groups then presented to everyone, where the judges, Center for Leadership staff members Elizabeth Beavers and Michael Spencer, selected the top three presentations.

Students interested in learning more about the LEAD Program can contact Michael Spencer, the Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership, visit the CFL website (www.elon.edu/lead), or email lead@elon.edu.