Aryeh presents on the "passion of dance" at dinner hosted by Global and Historic neighborhoods

Students, faculty, and staff gathered on Feb. 7 to share a meal and listen to Professor Jason Aryeh’s presentation “Trailing my Art Alive” about the purpose and passion of dance.

Jason Aryeh, assistant professor of dance, recently offers insights into the purpose and passion of dance through his presentation “Trailing My Art Alive.”

Aryeh began the joint event hosted for students faculty and staff by the Global and Historic neighborhoods by telling a personal story. Saying he wanted to “share something real,” since that is what movement is about, Aryeh spoke about dancing in the small West African village where he grew up.

At first dance and music were used to celebrate life. People danced to celebrate and to remember. Later, however, dance became just an entertainment for tourists and lost its meaning, history and sacredness, he said. That’s part of what has driven Aryeh’s efforts to bring the purpose back to dance.

Aryeh then asked students to think about what they are passionate about, and to consider two questions: What are you remembering? And what are you celebrating? These questions provoked good reflection and sharing in the small group discussions. The evening ended with the audience becoming the performers, with Aryeh and a student demonstrating a few dance moves followed by the audience having the opportunity to express themselves through dance.

The neighborhood dinners are an opportunity for students to integrate their academic, residential, and social life by enjoying great food and intellectual discussion. Other related events, which are open to all students, include:

  • “Waste Land” – The next film in the Global Neighborhood Film Series, about transforming landfill refuse into contemporary art.  Samantha DiRosa will lead the discussion. Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. in Global Commons 103.
  • “Grigris” – As part of the Tournées Francophone Film Festival, Elon will be showing this French-Chadian film about a man with a paralyzed leg who dreams of becoming a dancer. Francois Masuka will lead the discussion. Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. in Global Commons 103.