ODK Leadership Honor Society inducts new members

In a Feb. 5 ceremony, 83 students were inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa.

Eighty-three students were inducted Feb. 5, 2017, into the national leadership honor society, Omicron Delta Kappa.

In honor of his many vibrant contributions to campus, Dean Rex Waters was invited to speak during the Induction Ceremony on the modern value of leadership, especially concerning engaging alternate perspectives. He emphasized the importance of being yourself and remembering to lead by the power of example. 

ODK members are distinguished for high academic achievement, diverse leadership experiences and demonstrated growth in leadership skills. The student inductees were invited to the Elon Circle of ODK after reaching the top 33 percent of the junior and senior class. Students who applied were selected for induction based on their exemplary leadership across five phases of campus life, including athletics, the arts, communication, scholarship, and community service.

ODK Advisors
Rex Waters, Dean of Student Development
Jodean Schmiederer, Associate Dean of Students for Leadership and Honor Code

ODK Officers
Gabriela Alvarez, President
Cameron Ciesielski, Vice President
Shelby Allen, Secretary
Casey Tait, Treasurer                                                                                                
Danielle Fowler, Leadership Chair

Spring 2017 Inductees
Abigail Bridge

Abigail Dionise

Abigail Williams

Aislinn Gherman

Alex Vandermaas-Peeler

Alexis Hirvo

Alexis Williams

Allison Russo

Alyx Bean

Anna Baynes

Anna Rice

Annalise Tolley

Ansley Hamilton

Ashley Bohle

Audrey Engelman

Austin Daugherty

Bear Tosé

Bethany Lake

Cameron Hahn

Cameron Jackson

Caroline Blanchard

Caroline Dean

Casey McVicar

Cassandra Tumasz

Chann Little

Christine Lane

Ciara Corcoran

Colleen Fitzpatrick

Contia Prince

Devon Spieker

Elizabeth Belka

Elizabeth Domeck

Elizabeth Reeve

Emily Peterson

Gabrielle Vance

Gia Pineda

Grace Landsberg

Hope Kase

Jenna Rohde

Jennifer Sigua

Jessie Boak

Jordan Hunter

Kelly Richard

Kristen Bellini

Kristen Lober

Laurel (June) Shuler

Lauren Miller

Lindsay Rosen

Mackenzie Clarken

Madison Mordoh

Madison Rozynek

Mariana Kneppers

Maryn Hayward

Matthew Sears

Max Herrera

Meagan Richardson

Megan Moisand

Meghan Greene

Melissa Douglas

Meredith Piatt

Miranda Rogliano

Molly Sweeney

Nic Nelson

Nicole Sanz

Noah Ganz

Nosipho Shangase

Olivia Vaz

Rachel Kading

Rachel Tinker

Rachel Waller

Rebecca Herring

Rebecca Surprenant

Reena John

Samantha Lubliner

Samantha Torto

Sarah Holdren

Shannon Brits

Spencer Wagner

Tara DeAngelis

Theodore Giles Roll

Vanessa Vargo

Vashti Shiwmangal

Virginia Royalty