Improve your gradebook with Moodle

Join your teaching colleagues for the first Moodle community of practice workshop. 

Moodle's gradebook can save you time. 
What’s my grade right now? What do I need to get on the final to get an A?

As we approach the end of the semester, faculty will soon be inundated with these questions. But you don’t have to be. By moving your gradebook to Moodle, you can offer your students timely feedback and save yourself hours of time.

Come join our first Moodle community of practice — “Improving your gradebook with Moodle” — where we will showcase how several faculty members store their grades, provide how-to instruction on setting up your gradebook, and answer questions about any hurdles you might encounter.

Whether you’re launching a gradebook for spring or fall, or you’re wanting to refine your existing gradebook on Moodle, you’ll leave this workshop ready to track grades in Moodle. 

Join us on Friday, April 21 from 1:40-2:40 in Belk Library, 113. Please register on Elon’s website. Snacks will be provided.


The image is a modified version of Flickr user David Mulder’s photo Grade Book. Used under CC BY-SA.