Student Eco-Art installation now on display in Arts West Living Studio

"Inside Dakota" is the first of several student eco-art installations that will rotate over the next four weeks of spring semester

Each year students in Associate Professor Samantha DiRosa’s ART 339 Eco-Art course create immersive art installations on current environmental problems for the Elon community. This week marks the first of four projects in the Arts West “Living Studio” (the greenhouse near Scott Studios/Human Resources). “Inside Dakota” by students Melanie Intriago, David May and Sarah Midolo addresses the complexities of the Dakota Access Pipeline via an interactive game/simulation.  

​During your participation, you will experience the perspective of various stakeholders, and perhaps learn a little more about this issue, which arguably affects us all.

Open hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.– 6 through Friday, April 14.