Apple education experts talk coding with Elon faculty, staff

Elon’s Center for Organizational Analytics hosted a workshop to explore the possibilities of integrating app development with Swift into curricula.

Elon faculty and staff were introduced to Apple’s Everyone Can Code program through a workshop hosted by the Center for Organizational Analytics on April 4.

The program focused on Swift, a robust and intuitive programming language created by Apple for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Apple education experts Joel Davies and Paul Petrogeorge demonstrated Swift Playgrounds, an iPad app that teaches the fundamentals of computational thinking and programming, and discussed App Development with Swift, a curriculum designed to teach programming and app development to faculty and students new to coding.

“With the growth in mobile technologies, learning mobile app coding is in high demand,” said Associate Professor Haya Ajjan, director of the Center for Organizational Analytics. “Applications like Lyft, Disney and LinkedIn are among the examples built with Swift. Since Swift is beginner friendly and easy to understand, it will be a great way for Elon faculty to introduce app development in their classrooms to enable new possibilities for our students.”

About the Center for Organizational Analytics
Elon’s Center for Organizational Analytics serves as a hub to bring together faculty, students and industry thought leaders to disseminate best analytics practices, solve organizational problems, and promote teaching, outreach and research in the area of analytics. The Center accomplishes this through student projects, consulting and professional training to demonstrate how analytics can be used to provide solutions for problems faced by organizations today.