Opening Doors: Parents endow scholarship to broaden access to an Elon education

With their generous gift, Elon parents Howard and Cynthia Steinberg P’17, of Atlanta, are helping to advance a top university priority.

Howard and Cynthia Steinberg P’17, of Atlanta, have made a generous gift to endow the Steinberg Family Elon Engagement Scholarship, which will assist high-achieving students eager to take advantage of the university’s renowned engaged learning programs.

The Steinbergs said they were inspired to support one of the university’s highest priorities by helping to increase access to an Elon education.

“Not only is Elon a great academic institution, it also helps students mature and become well-rounded, independent thinkers,” said Howard Steinberg.

The Steinbergs saw this transformation firsthand with their son, John Steinberg, a member of Elon’s Class of 2017.

“Seeing an 18-year-old who hadn’t traveled or lived on his own go to Elon and graduate a very self-sufficient person who’s able to think and live independently was amazing,” Steinberg said. “We appreciated that and wanted to support not only the academic education Elon students receive, but the whole experience and development of each student.”

The Steinbergs know the best way to accomplish that goal is by endowing a scholarship.

“We realize Elon is a very good value among private colleges, yet we also know that a lot of families don’t have the financial resources to afford the tuition,” Steinberg said. “We are happy to do whatever we can to make sure someone else can have the same amazing Elon experience that our son had.”

Once fully funded, the Steinberg Family Elon Engagement Scholarship will assist two Steinberg Scholars and includes a one-time grant for each student to support participation in the Elon Experiences (global study, internships, undergraduate research, service learning or leadership) or a creative project designed by the student.

“Our hope is that this scholarship not only opens a door for students at Elon, but also allows them to take on less debt and enter the working world with less of a financial obligation,” Steinberg said. “Perhaps these students will pay it forward one day. You always want to leave a place better than you found it.”

The Steinbergs have been devoted supporters of scholarships as well as Elon’s Hillel program.

Howard Steinberg serves as vice president and partner for a group of Budget Rent-A-Car franchises. He visits campus to recruit students through the Student Professional Development Center and is proud to count Elon alumni among his employees.

“Elon students are the kind of people I want working in my company because they are smart, well-rounded and can handle themselves appropriately in the workplace,” Steinberg said.

The “Opening Doors” story series celebrates the power of scholarships to change the lives of Elon students and the generosity of donors who make this transformation possible.