Elon student gets noticed for designing, building electric motorcycles

Shan Roy, a first-year Elon student from Mooresville, N.C., recently talked with the Mooresville Tribune about his projects.

A recent news report highlighted the success a first-year Elon student has seen building electric motorcycles.

Shan Roy of Mooresville, N.C., designed his first electric motorcycle when he was in the 10th grade, a project his parents initially told him was “too dangerous,” Roy told the Mooresville Tribune.

​“It took around a year to learn how to build a bike. It was quite a process,” Roy told the news outlet. “There are angles and features that riders are accustomed to on a bike, and I wanted to hit them spot on.”

Roy is a self-taught innovator who relied upon computer-aided design software to design the bike and YouTube videos to learn how to craft and weld the components. He’s continuing to improve his design, and also learned how to convert existing dirt bikes to electric power. Roy said Nick Giambruno and Nitro Manufacturing in Mooresville have both supported him along the way.

At Elon, Roy is majoring in computer science while still making electric motorcycles on the side. “Building bikes has been a hobby for me, but if it goes well, then maybe after college I’ll see about doing it full time,” Roy told the Mooresville Tribune.

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