Lindsey Jordan '19: ‘I want to do good in the world’

Elon junior Lindsey Jordan ’19, of Mooresville, North Carolina, shares her passion for helping others thanks to the life-changing impact of her Honors Fellows scholarship. This is the first in a series of videos highlighting the impact of endowed scholarships at Elon. 

Lindsey Jordan ’19 is one of many Elon students whose lives have been transformed through endowed scholarships. In her own words, the Elon junior from Mooresville, North Carolina, shares how her Honors Fellows scholarship made it possible for her to enroll at Elon and take advantage of the university’s renowned engaged learning programs such as study abroad and undergraduate research.

Lindsey is a sociology major and minoring in human service studies and poverty and social justice. She is also a recipient of the Lumen Prize, Elon’s premier award to support academic achievement and undergraduate research proposals.

This is the first in a series of six videos celebrating the transformative impact of endowed scholarships at Elon.

Deepening funding for scholarships is one of Elon’s top institutional priorities, including scholarships for the university’s six Fellows programs, the Odyssey Program, the Elon Experiences, Phoenix athletics and Elon Engagement scholarships.