German honor society inducts 18 new members

Elon's chapter of the Delta Phi Alpha German national honor society hosted an induction ceremony on May 4, welcoming 18 new members.

This was the inaugural year for Elon’s chapter of the honor society, which meant students and faculty could simultaneously celebrate the founding of the chapter and the induction of new members.

Instructor in German Kristin Lange, who oversaw the creation of the chapter, conducted the initiation after a short welcome from Associate Professor of German Scott Windham, who thanked the students for their commitment to the study of German—and for allowing the faculty to help them pursue their goals.

After the ceremony, Lange commented on the quality of the inductees and the variety of their majors. “Represented here are students from theater design to international Business, all of whom have pursued advanced proficiency in German,” Lange said.

The National German Honor Society, known as Delta Phi Alpha, was founded in 1929 and has over 300 chapters in the United States. The society promotes the study of German language, literature, and civilization and offers chapter grants and student scholarships.

2018 Delta Phi Alpha Inductees:

Andrew Fellows (International Business and Finance)

Anna Zwingelberg (Strategic Communications)

Austin Martin (International Economics)

Brittany Sadler (History)

Christina Kennedy (Creative Writing)

Crystal Sharp (German Studies and Art History)

Grayson Albers (Accounting)

Helen Leahy (International Business)

Jonathan Granville (Sport and Event Management)

Katherine Wolter (Marketing)

Katy Laser (International & Global Studies)

Maddy Wetterhall (Biology)

Mitchell Bergens (Theatrical Design and Production)

Olivia Kendrick (German Studies and International & Global Studies)

Sarah Collins (Strategic Communications)

Sarah Treger (International Business and Finance)

Tucker Obrey (International Business)

Xena Burwell (International Studies and Political Science)