Sara Prigodich and Hanna Vogel, Oct. 22

Department of Art and Art History invites you to an opening reception and artists' talk at Gallery 406, Arts West. 

Monday, Oct. 22
Sara Prigodich and Hanna Vogel
Gallery 406, Arts West, artist talk, 5:30 p.m.

This exhibition consists of craft-based sculptural work by two artists, Sara Allen Prigodich and Hanna Vogel. Multimedia sculptures and installations use the meanings inherent in the materials to explore emotional and physical dualities. Prigodich works with porcelain and wood and Vogel works with woven steel wire and handmade paper. Prigodich’s work examines the mutability of memory and its effects on our emotional states. Vogel’s work explores the balance between growth and decay in order to cultivate compassion for the physical work around us and for our own ephemeral bodies.

Both Prigodich and Vogel received their MFAs at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Their public talk will offer context to this two-person mixed media, site-specific installation. Exhibition continues through Dec. 7.