Limelight hosts fall showcase

The student media organization showed off some of its student artists at a concert at Fat Frogg in October.

By Julia Oakes '22

Limelight Records hosted its annual Fall Artists Showcase in late October at Fat Frogg to give its student musicians a chance to experience playing in front of a live crowd.

“It takes a lot of practice to develop stage presence and get comfortable performing, and just to learn how to work a crowd,” said Limelight President Meaghan McCann ‘19. Limelight’s executive board was in charge of finding a location and picking a date, while managers were in charge of reaching out to artists to see if they were interested in and available to perform.

McCann believes Fat Frogg was the perfect setting for artists who are new to performing because the venue attracts both students and members of the local community, leading to a larger audience.

“I think it’s a really good medium for an artist to learn in,” McCann said. 

The showcase included performances by Limelight members Ari Yaron, Lazy Dumpling, Eliza Spear, Graveheart and Roman. Hoping to give its musicians the opportunity to play live and “develop stage presence,” McCann said Limelight limited the performers to only those students in the organization–a common strategy for its semesterly showcases. But Limelight also works with musicians and performers outside its organization on other projects throughout the year.

The showcase was a great opportunity for students and locals to come together to support the performing artists and celebrate musical talent.

“It’s fun when we get to hang out with people that are not necessarily in Limelight, other students, and locals from the community,” McCann said, “It’s a nice way to get connected with the music scene at Elon.

“We’re definitely looking for opportunities to play as an organization. We’re probably going to do it once or twice a semester.