Global Neighborhood hosts Trivia Night dinner

Students, staff, faculty and President Book engaged in a battle of wits with challenging questions about Elon and everything else.

The Global Neighborhood changed things up for their November House Dinner, held on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Instead of the traditional format of speaker followed by a discussion, the neighborhood hosted a trivia night. The menu featured delicious pub food including chips, pretzels, chicken tenders, lots of dipping sauces, and, of course, dessert. 

Discussants at the dinner included students from the new Master’s in Higher Education program. The neighborhood hosted a special guest for the event: President Connie Ledoux Book. In her honor, there was a category of questions called “Presidents and Books.” 

The contest consisted of five questions in each of six categories. In addition to the usual trivia topics of sports and music, there were unique categories with questions about Elon history and educational equality, which is the Neighborhood’s theme this year. Teams were limited to eight people cell phones were prohibited.

The questions were written, researched, and verified by a team of students and faculty/staff from the Global Neighborhood, including Arianne Payne, Lallo Yadeta (RAC and Lead Student Mentor), Jillian Epperson (Grad Apprentice), and Daniel Griffin (partner-in residence.) The contest was enthusiastically hosted by Payne and Yadeta. In addition to the prize for the most correct answers, a prize was also awarded for the team with the most creative name.

This is the final big event that the Global Neighborhood will host this fall. Look for the next House Dinner and film seriesin February.