Elon Law hosts conversation on leadership

Four leaders in higher education, business, and law - including Elon University President Connie Book - shared advice for young professionals who aspire to serve their communities at a Monday event co-hosted by Elon Law and Action Greensboro's "Campus Greensboro" and synerG programs.

Elon Law partnered with two initiatives of Action Greensboro on Monday evening for a conversation on leadership aimed at young professionals in the region interested in developing their own leadership styles.

“Leadership Resolution: A Panel of Experts on Leadership in Law and Beyond” on Jan. 14, 2019, featured observations by four of the region’s top leaders in various fields, including:

  • Dave Altman, COO of the Center for Creative Leadership
  • Connie Book, President of Elon University
  • Kathleen Bradley, Global Senior Advisor at the Center for Creative Leadership
  • Marcus Shields, Guilford County District Court Judge, State of North Carolina

The hourlong program in Room 207 was moderated by Elon Law Professor Catherine Dunham. Throughout the conversation, all four speakers emphasized the many ways in which leadership is demonstrated – from learning customs and cultural practices, to active listening, to helping those around you succeed in their own endeavors.

“If I’m aspiring to be a leader, I’m thinking of a way to help the team be smarter,” Book said. “And I always tell people to raise your hand for the hard assignments. … Somebody’s always working on something in your organization and could use some help.”

Nor is leadership limited to a particular title, panelists said. The ability to accomplish anything is often dependent on other people. Everyone can be a leader at some point – just as everyone can be a follower elsewhere. “Yes, you can be in a formal leadership role, but you can also lead from a variety of places,” Bradley said. “How do you exert your influence?”

The event was co-sponsored by Campus Greensboro and synerG, both initiatives of Action Greensboro, "a nonprofit that champions projects aimed at enhancing the city’s quality of life, civic engagement, and educational advancement and attracting and retaining young people in Greensboro." Campus Greensboro aims to attract bright talent to meet the needs of Greensboro’s developing economy. SynerG is a networking group for young professionals.

Leadership has been a core principle of Elon Law since the school was first opened to students in 2006 with a Leadership Program honored in 2013 by the American Bar Association.