Bleakney publishes article, national study of writing center consultant education

Julia Bleakney's article, "Ongoing Writing Tutor Education: Models and Practices," is published in the peer-reviewed collection "How We Teach Writing Tutors."

Julia Bleakney, director of the Writing Center in the Center for Writing Excellence, has published the results of her national study of how writing centers continue to educate and develop their consultants in Ongoing Writing Tutor Education: Models and Practices.

This article is part of a peer-reviewed, edited digital collection, How We Teach Writing Tutors, co-edited by Karen Gabrielle Johnson and Ted Roggenbuck, published in January 2019 by WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship. In this article, Bleakney identifies and describes the types of ongoing education models offered by over 160 writing centers across the U.S.; her findings are based on a comprehensive mixed-methods study that included a national survey and interviews with writing center professionals.