Elon Physician Assistant Studies program well-represented at the NCAPA Poster Session

The poster session was part of the N.C. Academy of Physician Assistants Winter Meeting.  

The Department of Physician Assistant Studies was well-represented at the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistant Winter Meeting Poster Session. Three graduating students from the Class of 2019 along with their faculty mentors presented their master’s projects. An educational innovation project implemented by two faculty members was also featured as part of a session.

The presentations included:

Is the Use of Warning Lights and Sirens Beneficial in the Treatment of Patients With Acute ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Transported by Emergency Medical Services? – Douglas Edenburn, faculty mentor: Associate Professor Patti Ragan

Training Students to Practice Transgender Medicine: The Application of Flow Theory and Standardized Patients in Medical Education – Hillary McDonald, faculty mentor: Dr. Cynthia Bennett, assistant professor of physician assistant studies, and Director of Client and Standardized Patient Program Nita Skillman

Cultivating Empathy in the Anatomy Lab

A Pilot Study Observing Trends in Emotional Expression During a Human Anatomy Dissection Course Among First-Year Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy Students – Michael Whitehurst, faculty mentor: Dr. Cynthia Bennett, assistant professor of physician assistant studies

Substance Abuse Infusion in a Master’s Project Course – Associate Professor Patti Ragan and Associate Professor Melissa Murfin