Economics Club hosts panel for students interested in studying economics 

Senior economics majors urged students to take advantage of resources offered at Elon as well as offered advice in preparation for the job search process. 

By Erin Manchuso '19

The Elon Economics Club hosted a student panel on Feb. 20 in LaRose Digital Theatre for senior economics students to share their experience majoring in economics and the practical application of their coursework.

Panelists also provided general advice for students looking to pursue a degree in economics or the newest major at the Love School of Business, economic consulting. Sophomore club co-presidents Matthew Mitten and Liam Lindy moderated the discussion.

The panel was comprised of:

  • Hannah Quinlan, incoming business analyst in the Business Operations Leadership Development (BOLD) Rotational Program at Dell EMC                       
  • Katelyn Roache, incoming consultant at Bates White                                         
  • Carson Fawzi, aspiring sales professional                                                                 
  • David Ogburn, aspiring joint MD/MBA student                                                  
  • Michaela Fogarty, incoming economist at RTI International – Health Policy Science Division                                                                    
  • Kira Hughes, incoming capital markets analyst, Commercial Banking Program at Citizens Bank

The panel’s advice included:

  • Find ways to pursue interests outside of your major. As business grows increasingly global, being able to work cross-functionally and to do so effectively is essential for firms to remain competitive. Pick up a double major in another school or join a club unrelated to your studies. An interdisciplinary background can lead to interesting experiences that you can articulate in an interview and differentiate yourself from other job candidates.
  • Develop relationships with faculty members. The Economics Department is a close-knit community of students and professors, which affords students the opportunity to have a personal relationship with professors. They can be an endless source of advice and advocate for you in the real world.
  • Take classes that teach you hard skills. Many positions in the economics field will regularly involve the use of Excel, C++, R and Stata for research purposes. By taking the initiative to take classes on these topics and understand how to utilize their capabilities, you can easily set yourself apart from other job candidates.
  • Use your peers as resources. Every student is in the same boat – taking the same classes and preparing for the postgraduate job search. Develop relationships with your peers and do not be afraid to lean on them when needed.
  • Do not fear the senior thesis. All senior economics majors are required to develop a research question, carry out research and write a thesis to graduate. All students are matched with a faculty advisor and the research process begins in the fall of senior year. Though surely overwhelming at first, the senior thesis prep class and economics coursework prepare you well to tackle the challenge.

The Economics Club, advised by Vitaliy Strohush, assistant professor of economics, provides opportunities for students to learn more about the field of economics beyond the classroom and fosters relationships between students and faculty members. The Economics Club holds regular meetings every other week. For more information, contact or