Sociology Alumni in Real Life: Savannah Altherr

Savannah Altherr '14 uses her sociology major in law school and in her work with clients.

Savannah Altherr, a 2014 graduate who majored in sociology, continues to draw on her sociology background as she completes law school at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary and serves clients.

Savannah Altherr ('14)
Savannah's favorite sociology course: “Classical Sociological Theory, Contemporary Sociological Theory (I liked both!)”

In reflecting on how sociology has helped her in her job or life, Savannah says:

“I'm currently a third-year law student who has represented clients in court and will be entering the field as a litigator. In order to protect liberty, players in the justice system should have an understanding of the role of the hidden facets of our society. My background in sociology and understanding of such concepts as cultural capital and various sociological perspectives allows me to most effectively advocate for my clients. With this knowledge, I can understand my clients’ motivations and goals throughout the course of litigation.”