Sabrina Thurman presents at the Society for Research on Child Development

The assistant professor of psychology presented motor development research at the biennial conference of the Society for Research in Child Development, held in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sabrina Thurman, an assistant professor of psychology, presented research at the biennial conference of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), held in Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday, March 21, on "Changes in mothers’ and infants’ target interactions during postural-locomotor development."

Assistant Professor of Psychology Sabrina Thurman
This research, conducted by Thurman and co-author Daniela Corbetta of the University of Tennessee, investigates the relationship between infants’ postural skills and discovery. This project is a part of research priorities in Thurman's lab, which aim to understand how the acquisition of new postures affects how infants use their bodies to interact with their environments. 

SRCD was founded in the 1930s and is a multidisciplinary professional association with a vast membership of approximately 5,000 researchers and professionals, representing many disciplines and countries worldwide.