Elon faculty present at ISA conference in Toronto

Professor Laura Roselle, Associate Professor Vanessa Bravo and Assistant Professors Baris Kesgin and Aaron Sparks presented at the annual conference that attracted scholars from around the globe.

Approximately 6,000 scholars from around the world attended the International Studies Association's 2019 conference, held March 26-30 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

One of the oldest interdisciplinary associations, the International Studies Association (ISA) focuses on a variety of disciplines, including political science, international relations, international communication, history, international law, public diplomacy and international education.

Vanessa Bravo presents about Latinos in higher education in the United States.
Laura Roselle presents about the RT (Russian Television) online coverage of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 
​During this year's conference, four Elon faculty members presented five research papers and participated in two roundtable discussions. Among those in attendance were Vanessa Bravo, associated professor of communications, Baris Kesgin, assistant professor of political science, Laura Roselle, professor of political science and policy studies, and Aaron Sparks, assistant professor of political science. Their respective research papers and roundtable discussions were:  

  • “A Foreign Problem or a Domestic Crisis? U.S. Media Framing of the Aftermath Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico,” by Bravo and Maria DeMoya of DePaul University
  • “Analyzing the Experiences of Latinx Students at a Predominantly White University in the U.S. South," by Bravo and Sylvia Muñoz of Elon University
  • “Leadership Traits and Seniority in Coalition Governments,” by Kesgin and Binnur Ozkececi-Taner of Hamline University
  • “The ‘I’ in BRICS: Personality Profiles of Indian Prime Ministers and Adapting to Rising Status in World Politics,” by Kesgin and Leslie E. Wehner of University of Bath
  • “Teaching Foreign Policy Analysis at the undergraduate level,” a roundtable chaired by Kesgin
  • “RT Online Coverage of US Election 2016: Analyzing Strategic Narratives Related to Presidential Candidates,” by Roselle
  • “Strategic Narratives, News Coverage, and Russia-U.S. relations,” a roundtable where Roselle served as a presenter

Kesgin also participated as a discussant in the session titled “Elites in Foreign Policy,” while Bravo chaired a session titled “Digital Politics and Cyber Threats.”

ISA is dedicated to the understanding of international, transnational and global issues. For more information about the annual ISA conference, visit www.isanet.org.

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