School of Education recognizes Resa Walch

Resa Walch, senior lecturer in wellness, was honored for her 22 years of service to Elon University by the School of Education faculty and staff on April 3, 2019, in the McBride Gathering Space. 

Throughout her career at Elon, Resa Walch, senior lecturer in wellness, has sustained excellence in teaching and has made significant contributions within the School of Education, the university and the greater community.

Resa Walch, senior lecturer in wellness
Effective teaching is often guided by a faculty member’s willingness to foster a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. Over the years, Walch has provided multiple opportunities for students to share in their personal, academic and professional growth. She has effectively challenged, guided, listened and actively collaborated with students creating an opportunity for discovery, learning and progress.

In her remarks, Ann Bullock, dean of the school of education, reported that "Resa taught 2,836 students which equates to 130 courses and 349 semester hours during her tenure at Elon." To her colleagues, Walch is regarded as "an exceptional teacher with high standards that support successful academic performance."

Walch joined the faculty at Elon College in 1997 as the director of substance education. She was responsible for directing comprehensive campus-wide substance education initiatives. As part of her role, she delivered a series of educational presentations on alcohol and other drugs in the campus community and at state and regional conferences. In 2004, Walch became a senior lecturer and a Faculty Fellow for Substance Education, serving in this role for 10 years. She taught courses in Core Curriculum and the Health and Human Performance department that included courses in health and wellness, substance abuse and human behavior, and women's health. In 2010, Walch became the department chair for the Department of Health and Human Performance, and provided strong leadership for five consecutive years. She created, redesigned and refined many courses within the department and across the curriculum.

In addition to teaching, Walch's contributions to the life of the university have been many. She has tirelessly gone above and beyond to serve both proactively and progressively advancing many aspects of the vision and values of Elon University, receiving many well-deserved faculty awards for her outstanding teaching and service. Walch pioneered the Student Health 101 Initiative, the Elon Alamance Health Partners post-graduate fellowship, the Faculty Learning Community on Contemplative Pedagogy and the Live Well/Teach Well program in the School of Education. Furthermore, Walch co-authored and received multiple grants over the years to promote the health and well-being of all Elon students. She provided leadership and noteworthy contributions on most all departmental, School of Education and university-wide committees, including several Presidential Task Forces.

"Resa has made a lasting mark on Elon and touched the lives of hundreds of students, faculty and staff," said Smith Jackson, assistant to the president, associate professor of education and vice president emeritus for student life and dean of students. "She is the institutional leader who, for the past 22 years, has reminded us gently, but at every opportunity, that students’ health and wellness requires the commitment and involvement of the entire university community- students, faculty and staff."  

In her closing remarks, Lynda Butler-Storsved, senior lecturer in wellness, quoted Maya Angelou when describing Walch's impact at Elon for the last 22 years, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

To quote Richard McBride, "Resa, live long – dancing all the way!"