Criminal Justice Studies internship highlight: Jordyn McAtee

Jordyn McAtee '19, a criminal justice studies minor, prepares for her future legal career by interning at the Alamance County District Attorney's Office.

Many criminal justice studies students opt to pursue internships that provide exposure to professions in the field, including careers in law enforcement, the legal system, crime data analysis, clinical settings and more. This feature highlights the internships of criminal justice studies minors.

Criminal Justice Studies minor Jordyn McAtee '19 is preparing for law school and a career in law by interning at the Alamance County District Attorney's Office.

Of her experience, McAtee says:

"This spring I have been completing an internship with the Alamance County District Attorney's Office as a legal support intern. During my time with the DA's office, I have had the opportunity to observe a number of trials, help with trial-prep through evidence discovery, send subpoenas, and perform research on the topic of delivering culturally competent legal services to Latinx victims of domestic violence. Through the DA's office I have been able to make a number of connections with legal support staff, attorneys, and even judges. Needless to say, this internship is going to take me a long way! Having the opportunity to work first-hand in criminal law has instilled in me the need for positive criminal justice reform, making sure that both victims and offenders of crimes have access to quality legal services. This sentiment is why I will be pursuing a dual degree program post-grad for both a Juris Doctor degree in addition to a Masters in Social Work."

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