Elon Dining Services featured in University Business article about fresh dining ideas

The article highlights Elon Dining Services and dining provider Harvest Table Culinary Group for their "out of the ordinary" dining ideas. 

Elon Dining Services is in the spotlight for serving up a unique campus dining experience. 

University Business featured Elon and its campus dining provider, Harvest Table Culinary Group, in an article about new trends in on-campus dining. 

The article highlights Elon's idea to bring a calf to campus to teach students about dairy production and the campus Food Truck Frenzy hosted each semester as ideas that set Elon Dining Services apart from other dining services. 

“We design the events to surprise and delight—to be something out of the ordinary,” said Casey Claflin, guest experiences manager with Harvest Table Culinary Group. 

Harvest Table is a division of Aramark focused on making a local impact. That includes using local ingredients as well as making connections to the community. 

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