WUNC's 'The State of Things' features Imam Shane Atkinson

Atkinson, associate chaplain for Muslim life at Elon, talks about his religious path, religion and the South as well as "Redneck Muslim," a 2018 documentary about his life. 

Imam Shane Atkinson, associate chaplain for Muslim Life at Elon, was recently the featured guest on The State of Things, an hourlong program from WUNC focused on people, place and issues in North Carolina. 

The program included an extensive interview with Atkinson as he discussed his path to the Muslim faith, religion in the South and "Redneck Muslim," a 2018 documentary focused on his life. 

Atkinson shared how he was working at a tannery in Sturgis, Mississippi, and he bumped into a Muslim family in the local Walmart. Atkinson said he was wearing a homemade leather necklace bearing the face of Malcolm X. 

"They asked 'Are you Muslim?' And I think that's the first time I really thought about it," Atkinson told host Anita Rao. "I said, 'Yeah, I think I am Muslim.'"

Listen to the entire segment here