Maker Hub, Center for Design Thinking partner with STEAM Junction to ‘Make Burlington Brighter’

The Maker Hub and the Center for Design Thinking will partner with STEAM Junction, a makerspace in downtown Burlington, to "Make Burlington Brighter" at the first Phoenix 4th Friday.

This Friday, the Maker Hub and the Center for Design Thinking are partnering with STEAM Junction to welcome Elon families and community members at Phoenix 4th Friday.

Design Thinking Catalysts and Maker Hub Consultants will work with families and community members to “Make Burlington Brighter” by creating 100 paper lanterns, contributing to the construction of community dodecahedrons and crafting personalized buttons.

“One of our goals for this event is to raise awareness about the partnership with STEAM Junction, the makerspace in downtown Burlington,” said Dan Reis, director of the Maker Hub.

STEAM Junction, in partnership with the Maker Hub, provides students with access to tools, events and a large community of inventors and entrepreneurs for free. Visit the Maker Hub’s website for more information.

In addition to making Burlington Brighter with paper lanterns, attendees will get the chance to personally design and co-create dodecahedrons.

Fourth Friday participants will customize individual cardboard tiles that will be combined to create the dodecahedron.

Danielle Lake, director of design thinking, said, “we are excited to visualize the community-based components of genuine and sustainable innovation through the community dodecahedrons.” Lake said organizers plan to display the community dodecahedrons on campus and at STEAM Junction as a symbol of future possible partnerships moving forward.

To earn more about opportunities to get involved, be sure to check out or email the Center for Design Thinking at