Claussen co-authors book chapter on Jewish political thought

“The Exodus and Some Possibilities of Jewish Political Thought,” which Associate Professor Geoffrey Claussen co-authored with Emily Filler, appears in the new T&T Clark Handbook of Political Theology.

Geoffrey D. Claussen, Lori and Eric Sklut Scholar in Jewish Studies and associate professor and chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Elon University, and Emily A. Filler, assistant professor of Jewish studies and chair of the Jewish Studies Program at Earlham College, have published a study of the diversity of Jewish political thought.

Their co-authored book chapter, titled “The Exodus and Some Possibilities of Jewish Political Thought,” appears in the “T&T Clark Handbook of Political Theology,” which was edited by Rubén Rosario Rodriguez.

Claussen and Filler’s chapter seeks to illustrate the breadth of modern Jewish political theology by considering diverse ways that Jews have understood the political messages of the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

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