Elon scientists ready to answer COVID-19 questions from the community

Elon's STEM faculty are soliciting questions from the university community and area residents, with responses to be published in The Burlington Times-News and Today at Elon.

As questions and concerns surrounding COVID-19 rise, Elon’s science and health faculty want to separate facts from myths and misinformation.

Professor of Biology Dave Gammon is spearheading the effort, along with colleagues in Biology, Environmental Studies, Public Health Studies and Chemistry departments, and the Engineering program.

“Scientists at Elon University are now soliciting any questions you have about the science of the COVID-19 coronavirus,” Gammon said. “They will either answer the questions themselves, or recruit competent experts from our community who can answer them.”

Questions can be submitted three ways:

Answers will be published on Today at Elon and in the Times-News of Burlington, N.C.

Coordinating responses are Gammon; Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Amanda Chunco; Assistant Professor of Biology Alfred Simkin; Assistant Professor of Engineering Jon Su; Assistant Professor of Public Health Studies Jen Kimbrough; and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry Rainey Parker.

Their goal is to combat confusion and fear around the virus with facts.

More than 50 questions had been submitted as of Thursday, March 19. The team is eager to respond to as many questions as possible, sourcing from government agencies and medical professionals.

Visit this website for more information about Elon University’s response to COVID-19 and links to official sources of information about the coronavirus.