Center for Writing Excellence announces winners of the 2020 Multimodal Writing Competition

The Center for Writing Excellence is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Multimodal Writing Competition

In recognition of the exciting multimodal projects written and designed by Elon students across campus, the CWE is pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd annual Multimodal Writing Competition! Because multimodal writing happens across the curriculum and in extracurricular contexts, students are invited to submit their multimodal projects to the category in which they were created. Congratulations to the following winners of the 2020 Multimodal Writing Competition!

School of Arts and Sciences
Marjorie Anne Foster (Winner and Grand Prize Winner) for “Meeting Muslims”
Nyah Britt (Runner-up) for “The Growth of Japanese Animation”

School of Business
Charlotte Billingsley (Winner) for “Extremity”

School of Communications
Kristin Chan and Whitney Miller (Winners) for “Trading Strikes for Strokes: A Paraplegic’s Journey of Perseverance”
Anna Sizemore and Gaurav Vyas (Runners-up) for “Kill the USA Death Penalty”

School of Health Sciences
Charles Franceschi, Kyle Donaldson, Ashlyn Herold and Erin Kane (Winners) for “PFPS (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) Handout”
Megan Farrell and Krista Nunn (Runners-up) for “AROM Cervical Lateral Flexion”

School of Law
Jackie Gauntlett (Winner) for “Subject Matter Jurisdiction Flowchart”
Megan Reilly-Dreas (Runner up) for “Torts Study Session”

CORE Curriculum
Isabella Magliocchetti and Casey Carr (Winners) for “Female Oppression in Sports Films: Intersecting with Socioeconomic Status and Feminine Stereotypes”
Shaun Goodman (Runner-up) for “3 Ways a Gap Year Abroad Enhances Your College Experience”

Anton Delgado and Dustin Patar (Winners) for “Wildfire-vulnerable Communities Search for Ways to Live with Growing Threat”
Brooke Wilkens (Runner-up) for “Greenwich at a Glance”

Campus Involvement
Alexandra Grillo (Winner) for “Do Infants Modify Their Manual Interactions with Objects When Trying to Stand in Different Contexts”