Writing Across the University supports faculty writing and the teaching of writing with online programs

To support the needs of faculty as they work remotely, Writing Across the University has moved Writing Boot Camps, Writing Groups, and the remaining faculty development workshop online.

By offering the following programs online, Writing Across the University continues to support the teaching of writing as well as the writing of faculty and staff by creating opportunities to connect or collaborate virtually with colleagues.

Online Writing Bootcamp
If you’d like to dedicate time to your own writing, an Online Writing Bootcamp is scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 9-3pm. You’re welcome to attend any amount of time. After registering, you’ll receive information about voluntarily sharing/revising your writing goals as a way to increase motivation. This session will be held at elon.webex.com/meet/writingexcellence.

Writing Activities that Support Student Learning from a Distance

Online Writing Groups
If you’d like to join an Online Writing Group that meets remotely, please register by May 14. This is only for new faculty/staff registrants who’d like to join a group for the first time, as existing groups are expected to continue. After the deadline, you’ll be contacted with your group’s information.

“Teaching Information Design and Data Visualization in Writing Assignments”
On Monday April 20, from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m., Assistant Professor Li Li will present “Teaching Information Design and Data Visualization in Writing Assignments.” This workshop is appropriate for faculty from any discipline who would like to incorporate information design or data visualization assignments into their class. No prior experience is necessary. In many different disciplines and professions, complex ideas are best conveyed through either stand-alone visuals or visuals integrated into other written genres. In this workshop, we will discuss best practices in information design and data visualizations, basic design principles, and a few tools for creating these visuals. We will explore together ideas for integrating information/data visualization projects or activities into your classroom. Please register for this workshop, which will be held at elon.webex.com/meet/writingexcellence

Teaching, Responding to, or Evaluating Student Writing from a Distance
The following infographic summarizes some asynchronous writing activities that support student learning online. In addition, the Writing Across the University director is available to talk with faculty about strategies for teaching, responding to, or evaluating student writing from a distance. Please contact Paula Rosinski at prosinski@elon.edu or at (336) 278-5842 to discuss these issues or arrange a virtual meeting time.