Elon World Percussion Ensemble releases coronavirus-influenced video

The song, titled "Corona - It's Not a Beer We Fear," was made using "found" instruments.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Elon World Percussion Ensemble released their first video project, created virtually online. Since the members did not own drums, they made “found” instruments and recorded them at home to create the piece which was written and mixed by director Jim Roberts.

Instruments included plastic containers (played by hand and mallets), paper shredding. a mini djembe, a plastic bowl, drinking glasses, and more. The video was done by Tavion Dixon. Contributing members are Lindsey Carter ’20, Isaac Cisneros ’21, Tavion Dixon ’21, Ryan Kelleher ’20, and Ryan McCormick ’20.

Members of the ensemble offered their thoughts about participating in the creative project.

“This track represented an opportunity for us to have fun and be creative even in the scary times that we are facing. It is proof that even while we are apart, the power of music as a universal language can bring us together once again.” — Lindsey Carter ’20

“Initially, the change in the class felt entirely foreign, but overall, it was an opportunity to focus on different aspects of this art form and its cultural significance.” — Isaac Cisneros ’21

In addition to creating this piece and research on various rhythms and cultures of the African Diaspora, the ensemble also performed before the shutdown at the International Food and Dance Festival on March 6.

The world percussion ensemble (MUS106G) is open to anyone in the student body or faculty. It was created in 2008 by director Jim Roberts. The group is seeking new members for the fall semester.