Play with the Center for Design Thinking at pop-up location

The Center for Design Thinking and the Maker Hub have collaborated on a campaign to help students discover their ideal playstyle and incorporate playfulness into their studies.

The Center for Design Thinking and The Maker Hub launched the Pop-Up & Play Campaign on Tuesday, Aug. 25, outside of Lindner Hall.

The campaign is designed to support Elon’s Act-Belong-Commit model and offers a series of safe and physically distanced events from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday at the patio located outside of Pandora’s Pies.

Margaret Cox ’23, a student design thinking catalyst with the Center, said the campaign was designed to encourage students to infuse playfulness into their classes and day-to-day life. “With these Pop-up and Play events, we want to help students use design thinking to think about aspects of their life or classes that they could improve upon,” she said. “If you’re more playful with your learning, you’re more likely to enjoy it. You tend to feel more motivated if you’re having fun. That’s where it comes in and why it’s important.”

Socially distanced games and activities such as chalk games, classic games and brain puzzles will be available for attendees to determine their ideal style of play, and incorporate aspects into their daily life.

The twice-weekly event will feature different kits supplied by The Maker Hub for students, faculty and staff, from face masks, to dish towels, headbands, stress balls, and more. The Elon community can stay-and-play or take-and-make.

The first kit helped users create their own face mask.

Take and Make kits will be provided by The Maker Hub to make items, such as masks, at home.

“We like to give people the option to stay and play or take and make,” said Tyson Glover, cocurricular catalyst for the Center for Design Thinking.

A background in design thinking or experience at The Maker Hub is not required to participate at the Pop-Up & Play events. Students of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome.

“All you need is to show up and be curious,” Glover said. “There’s a lot of stress and anxiety in the world right now so we wanted to create an event that was safe and fun.”

For more information on the Maker Hub’s Take and Make kits, click here.