ABC Framework for a Mentally Healthy Elon

Inspiring individuals to be active, resilient and mentally healthy citizens engaged in meaningful and purposeful commitments within their communities and extending into the global context.

Elon University is committed to fostering holistic wellness of all community members. The ‘Act-Belong-Commit’ framework is being implemented to support work around positive mental health and holistic well-being. This campaign is aimed to both build and inspire a culture of health on Elon’s campus. It is the intentional engagement in the three pillars (Act-Belong-Commit) that lead to an active, resilient and mentally healthy community. As we implement this on Elon’s campus, your perspective, ideas and engagement are needed. The goal is that these initiatives resonate with you as both an individual and as a member of the communities and organizations you belong to. This work is a collaborative effort and your perspective to help identify opportunities to implement in your context and shape it will bring these initiatives to life and support a mentally healthy campus.


Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning – Faculty Resources to support Mental Well-Being

ABC Resources

Elon ABC Resources
A public google drive with research and ABC content resources

helping YOU (and each other) reflect on intentionality within our everyday

ABC Advising
advisors helping students reflect on intentionality of engagement

ACT-BELONG-COMMIT – Partnering during COVID-19

Be Connected  – Link for in-person, virtual, and hybrid connection opportunities
Be Physically Active – Link to try on-demand Elon fitness classes 
Be Mentally & Physically Healthy – Link for general tips and if you need help