What is LinkedIn Learning all about?

Elon University students, faculty, and staff have access to LinkedIn Learning: a new platform that shares high-quality tutorials taught by industry experts.

Do you find yourself craving to learn more? Are you looking for ways to upskill, develop a new skill set, or refresh on previous learnings? If so, you absolutely need to check out LinkedIn Learning. Curious to see what it is all about? Read on if this is a new platform for you as it’s my hope to get you up and running, and more confident with what this learning platform is all about. The best thing: for Elon students, staff, and faculty, it is totally FREE! Yes, free! The learning literally never has to stop!

Previously, Lynda.com (LinkedIn acquired Lynda.com in 2015), “offers an extensive library of video tutorials to help faculty, staff and students learn business, technology and creative skills. These high-quality tutorials are taught by industry experts and available 24/7 for convenient, self-paced learning.” You have the option to sync your personal LinkedIn profile to the service which I highly recommend to make it as easy as possible to access it again; you’re able to make your profile even more robust with these lessons. Click here to begin the process of logging into LinkedIn Learning. Use your typical Elon username and password credentials.

With LinkedIn Learning you’ll have the chance to upskill, learn new skills, bridge gaps between your current skill set and your next professional move. By exploring learning paths and further customizing your overall learning experience, you can share these “certificates” on your profile. Future employers and networking contacts are able to see these sessions on your profile which leads to a very strong first impression. Additionally, everything is totally customizable which makes it perfect for honing in on your exact educational needs.

Some of my personal favorites?

1.    The Practices of High-Performing Employees by Pete Mockaitis

2.    What to Do in the First 90 Days of Your New Job by Careercake

3.    The 6 Morning Habits of High Performers by Pete Mockaitis

Sessions I’ll be watching next:

1.    Rules for Rising Leaders by Pete Mockaitis

2.    Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

3.    Chair Work: Yoga Fitness and Stretching at your Desk by Desk Yogi

4.    Excel: Tips and Tricks by Dennis Taylor