Elon collaborates with Wake Forest School of Medicine on COVID-19 biomarker study

Associate Professor Melissa Murfin is involved in a project to create a biobank that will be used to determine if there are characteristics in the blood that make people more susceptible of being infected with COVID-19.

Associate Professor Melissa Murfin

Melissa Murfin, associate professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies, is collaborating with Professor Michael Olivier and Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Cox from the Center of Precision Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine to create a biobank that will be used to determine if people have characteristics in their blood that affect their risk of being infected with COVID-19.

The group plans to follow students, staff, and faculty during academic school year and document changes in the blood following COVID-19 infection. Participants will be asked to keep a daily record of their symptoms using the SneezSafe app.

People interested in participating can follow this link to learn more about the study and to apply to participate. https://www.elon.edu/u/academics/health-sciences/biomarker-study/