Dean Rochelle Ford offers insights for PR Daily report on diversity on boards of directors

The article for Ragan's PR Daily focused on Nasdaq seeking a rule requiring that boards of directors of listed companies be diverse.

A new article for Ragan’s PR Daily on the diversity of boards of directors for companies listed on the Nasdaq includes insights from Rochelle Ford, dean of the School of Communications.

Rochelle Ford, dean of the School of Communications

The article focuses on a rule being sought by the stock exchange that would require listed companies to publicly disclose diversity statistics about their boards of directors. The rule must be approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commisssion.

“This proposal is a great step in the right direction,” Ford told the publication. “Research shows that diverse boards result in high returns. Additionally, organizations and people often do not change unless regulations and laws change. Therefore, Nasdaq’s proposed requirement and consequences might effect real change and improve equity as well as ROI for the companies themselves. I believe it is the right and financially prudent thing to do.”

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