Going Global: Elon conducts first National Biomechanics Day in India

Elon faculty and students from Departments of Physical Therapy Education, Exercise Science and Performing Arts partnered with educational institutions in India to virtually conduct the first National Biomechanics Day event in India.

Elon proudly collaborated with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Manipal, India) and Boston University researchers to host its first National Biomechanics Day event in India on March 13, 2021. National Biomechanics Day is an S.T.E.A.M.-based educational outreach event aimed at introducing the field of biomechanics to high school students and teachers.

Forty high school students and teachers from Ganges Valley School in Hyderabad, India interacted with Elon faculty members from the departments of Physical Therapy Education, Exercise Science and Performing Arts as well as Doctor of Physical Therapy program students to learn about the science, applications and career paths in the field of Biomechanics. Participating were second-year students Sarah Henderson, Brandi Wiltshire and Kathryn Balardi and first-year students Allison Knuckles and Deanna DeMarco.

National Biomechanics Day founder and director Professor Paul DeVita from East Carolina University talked about the importance of National Biomechanics Day. After participants were given an introduction of the field of biomechanics, a video showcasing tracking of dance moves in the state-of-the-art biomechanics lab was shown.

Participants were then sent to break-out rooms where DPT students moderated and guided them with some hands-on activities. These activities were deliberately designed to show applications in the field of sports, health sciences and ergonomics. Participants then discussed the mechanics behind the activities and related them to the concepts they had learned in their school’s curriculum. Later, options to pursue career paths were discussed.

The event generated a lot of enthusiasm and the feedback was very positive. Participants overwhelmingly mentioned that the hands-on activities in the break-out rooms were both educative, interactive and fun!

Elon will be hosting more National Biomechanics Day events in India as well as in the local community in the next few weeks. This is the fifth year Elon has participated in this outreach event.