HealthLeaders highlights health equity goals of Elon’s new Department of Nursing

The health care industry publication interviewed Associate Professor Tiffany Morris, chair of the Department of Nursing, about the new nursing program that will enroll its first students this fall.

Health industry publication HealthLeaders recently highlighted Elon’s new nursing program and its focus on addressing the long-standing nursing shortage and shrinking health disparities for people of color and marginalized communities.

In her interview with Nursing Editor Carol Davis, Associate Professor Tiffany Morris, who is chair of the Department of Nursing, explained that Elon’s focus on addressing these health disparities while educating nursing students through experiential and interprofessional learning will “set us apart from other nursing programs.”

“One, we’re definitely in the game to combat the national nursing shortage as well as a state nursing shortage,” Morris says. “And the paradigm shift in how we are to educate nurses of the future is that Elon has designed a nursing program that will address interprofessional collaboration, diversity, equity, inclusion, and then this holistic approach and critical reflection to solve global world problems.”

Morris explained that Elon’s nursing program’s emphasize on interprofessional education will allow students to learn collaboratively and will prepare them for changing health care environments and practices. “Often nursing programs are, of course, emphasizing the skill—the technical skill, the tactile skill—of nursing, but our model is going to be a value-based model of healthcare, so we’re going to be very agile in population-level data [and] fiscally minded,” Morris says.

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