Chemistry professor awarded National Science Foundation grant

Associate Professor Vickie Moore is co-principal investigator on a five-year National Science Foundation grant of nearly $500,000 that supports training faculty in assessment of undergraduate learning in biochemistry and molecular biology, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and creating a community of practice.

Vickie Moore, associate professor of chemistry

Associate Professor Vickie Moore in the Department of Chemistry is co-principal investigator on a new five-year National Science Foundation award titled “An Inclusive Community Transforming the Assessment of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Learning in Undergraduate Programs”.

The grant of nearly $500,000 will fund a series of national and international workshops with co-principal investigators Dan Dries of Juniata College and Kim Cortes of Kennesaw State University.

The grant is through the Research Coordination Networks in Undergraduate Biology Education division of NSF and will focus on training undergraduate biochemistry and molecular biology educators, especially those from HBCUs and MSIs, in formative, summative, and alternative assessment.

Additionally, a central goal of the grant is to build and sustain a community of practice as well as serve as a source of professional development opportunities for participating faculty. The grant is a follow up to a one-year pilot grant from the NSF awarded to Moore, Dries and Cortes that funded a virtual workshop attended in July 2020 by biochemistry and molecular biology educators from across the country.

The research stems from many years of Moore’s work with the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on its national undergraduate biochemistry exam.