Rebranded Elon Express ready to meet your transportation needs

The university’s transportation line has unveiled a new name and a revised route to start the 2021-22 academic year.

Elon students, faculty and staff are seeing a new name pulling up at university bus stops — the Elon Express.

Formerly the BioBus system, the university-operated bus line kicked off a new academic year with a refreshed name that reflects an emphasis on providing quick and reliable transportation services to the campus community. The Elon Express buses continue to use biofuels to operate, and the new name will hopefully generate renewed interest in the service, said Raymond Fletcher, assistant director of facilities management. Work on the rebranding initiative began in January 2020, but was put on hold last academic year as the university focused on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Elon Express has three main routes — Haggard Avenue, Danieley Center Tram and University Drive.

“We wanted the transportation system to better reflect the university’s brand and identity,” Fletcher said. “We’re hoping this rebranding will raise their visibility, particularly for those who are new to campus.”

Elon determines the bus routes based on ridership and demand, with the goal of offering transportation within and immediately around the university’s campus as well as to provide a connection to community locations. There are now three primary routes:

  • The Haggard Avenue Route — services Haggard Avenue with stops every 15 minutes at various apartment complexes and university locations
  • The Danieley Center Tram services different stops within the Danieley Center Neighborhood with stops every 10 minutes
  • The University Drive Line provides access to shopping centers and restaurants at University Commons and Alamance Crossing
Riders can use live route maps to see where the buses are on the routes.

The Haggard Avenue Route was revised this year to focus primarily on the Haggard Avenue corridor and to streamline the route. The route extends to College Station on St. John’s Street at its western end to Campus Trace near University Drive at its eastern end. It is a combination of the former Outer Loop A&B routes and that tail end of the old West route.

Riders can find track the Elon Express buses via a Live route map, with maps for each route available here.