Cherrel Miller Dyce speaks about her new book covering fighting against Black male stereotypes with Times-News

Dyce, associate professor and executive director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, spoke about her new book, "Black Males Matter" with Times-News.

In an article published on Wednesday, Oct. 6, in the Burlington Times-News, Cherrel Miller Dyce, associate professor and executive director of diversity, equity and inclusion in the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education, spoke about her new book, “Black Males Matter.”

Associate Professor Cherrel Miller Dyce introduced Sonia Manzano at the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Address in 2020.

In the article by reporter Dean-Paul Stephens, Dyce said the book is aimed at educators but also speaks to the general public. Dyce, along with her co-authors Julius Davis and Shadonna Gunn, hopes to provide educators with best practices for creating ideal learning environments by shifting detrimental perceptions.

“My faith calls me to confront these issues, especially racism,” Dyce said. “Not just to confront it but to provide another narrative as to how we think about our boys and young men,” Dyce said.

“I think educators can benefit [from reading the book] in terms of building relationships with young people. They can benefit … by really doing introspection and critical self-reflection on who are you and what qualifies you to serve young black students.”

The full article can be read here.