Richardson awarded FACE Foundation grant pertaining to exotic objects in dwarf galaxies

Chris Richardson, associate professor of astrophysics, and a collaborator at Université Paris - Saclay are supported by the Thomas Jefferson Fund to evaluate the impact of compact objects in dwarf galaxies

Elon University associate professor of astrophysics Chris Richardson and collaborator Vianney Lebouteiller were recently awarded a grant from the Thomas Jefferson Fund to facilitate exchanges between the two institutions over two years.

The proposal seeks to evaluate the role of compact objects, such as black holes or X-ray binaries, in dwarf galaxy evolution, which has implications for early universe conditions unable to be probed by current observatories.

Richardson and Lebouteiller will use unique theoretical and statistical approaches that incorporate complex topologies to elucidate the problem when applied to dwarf galaxy observations. Over the course of two years, the grant will support dissemination of results through conference travel and publications, which will include numerous Elon undergraduate researchers.