‘Baking’ History: Mega Challah Bake event coming to Elon on March 27

Panhellenic Council and Elon Chabad partner for a unique bread baking event.

Chabad Elon and Elon’s Panhellenic Association are pleased to invite Elon women to the Mega Challah Bake on Sunday, March 27 at Upstairs Lakeside at 1 p.m.  

In a world that so desperately needs extra light and love, Chabad and Panhellenic are joining together to spread just that!

Women from every sorority and beyond Greek Life will be coming together at this incredible event, discovering the timeless tradition of Challah baking.

The event will feature a Challah baking party, games, videos and delicious food.

Each participant will bake two Challahs – one to keep for herself, and one to give away to someone in need of extra love and care.

Taking place during Women’s History month, it will be a celebration of the Jewish Woman and their immense contributions to communal life.

The event has been dedicated to the memory of the late Mrs. Barbara Sklut, Chana Brachas bat Aryeh Zev, OBM.

“I am so excited to see Panhellenic and Chabad partner. They both provide me a home away from home and I think many Jewish Panhellenic women would agree. And who doesn’t love Challah?” said Corinne Brager, president of the Panhellenic Council and a member of Chabad.

“Baking Challah is an age-old tradition going all the way back to the Matriarch Sarah,” said Rivka Minkowitz, co-director of Chabad Elon. “This is a terrific way to join together with young women from all walks of life and share a common purpose – of spreading love.”

For more information about Mega Challah Bake or to sign up,  please visit elonchallah.eventbrite.com