Nagalingam Sivayogan receives 2022 Tamil Heritage Award

Adjunct Assistant Professor Nagalingam Sivayogan received the "Tamil Heritage Award 2022" jointly awarded by Carolina Kakaikoodam and the Academy of Kalari Adimurai on March 05, 2022

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics Nagalingam Sivayogan was awarded the “Tamil Heritage Award 2022” jointly by two premier organizations of Tamils in North Carolina on March 5, 2022.

Carolina Kalaikoodam and the Academy of Kalari Adimurai selected Sivayogan based on his contributions to the Tamil language development here in North Carolina. Sivayogan worked with the Governor of North Carolina to get the proclamation of January as the “Tamil Language and Culture Month” from 2019 continuously until this year. He also made the proclamation to include the recent archeological excavation in two cities Keezhadi and Perunai in Tamil Nadu, India. Carbon dating on the artifacts obtained in these places showed that a well-developed civilization existed in those places nearly 3200 years back.

Sivayogan also voluntarily teaches Tamil language to American-born Tamil kids on Sunday afternoons. He initiated the systematic teaching of Tamil grammar in Cary Tamil School. For this, he prepared several handouts and shared them with students and teachers. He was also instrumental in training the Tamil teachers with the help of Elon faculty members Terry Tomasek and Nina Namaste. Many of the Elon Periclean Students also learned Tamil due to his efforts before their educational trip to Sri Lanka. Sivayogan writes Tamil poems. He expresses his experience of war in Sri Lanka in his poems. He also presented his poems at the poetry night organized by Elon. He migrated from Sri Lanka to the United States in 2010 and has been teaching at Elon University since 2011.

Carolina Tamil Kalaikkoodam is a nonprofit organization based in Cary, N.C., and its mission is to preserve and nurture Tamil culture. The organization also promotes Tamil arts and literature for the benefit of the local community.​ Its members teach and promote one of the oldest Tamil martial arts named Silambam, an ancient Tamil musical instrument named Parai, and a Tamil dance called Oyilattam, etc. Academy of Kalari Adimurai, teach and promote ancient self-defense of Tamils, known as Kalari, they also teach the pressure points in the human body and how to activate them. Anyone who wants to learn these ancient lessons can contact Sivayogan.

Congratulations to Sivayogan for making a bridge between the Tamil community and local populations and receiving this prestigious Tamil Heritage Award.