BFA Acting students take part in Elon in LA program

Elon in LA is a semester-long domestic Study USA program, where students live in the heart of the Hollywood district in Los Angeles.

Elon University’s BFA Acting program prepares you for a successful career on both stage and screen. Many of the department’s professors have had successful careers on stage as well as in the television and film industry.

This perspective gives students stage-acting training that can easily be applied to many mediums. In addition, the acting program enjoys a close relationship with Elon’s robust Cinema and Television Arts program housed in the School of Communications, so students have plenty of opportunities for screen acting.

Elon in LA is just one of these opportunities. This program is a perfect opportunity for students considering a career in the TV and film industries. Elon in LA is a semester-long domestic Study USA program, where students live in the heart of the Hollywood district in Los Angeles.

“You literally hop off the plane at LAX and are thrust into this major metropolis with an internship, maybe a rental car and the GPS on your phone,” said Marlyn Fisher Scott ’20.

It can be overwhelming being in a new city, especially one that is so different from Elon.

“You go there and the first week is like, ‘This is a vacation I’m living the dream’ and then a month in you’re like ‘Oh no, this is still life, I still have to pay for things, I have work to do,’” said Tess Tregellas ’19.

Eduardo Diego-Bautista (’23) visits Warner Bros. Studios while studying in LA.

Eduardo Diego-Bautista ‘23 is currently studying in Los Angeles. In his first, week he observed that is a nice wake-up call for actors considering pursuing a career in LA.

“You can feel the energy of everyone being on their own clock. Here, reputation and networking is very important. Lots of these people who work in one industry cross over to others and there is a level of professionalism that is expected.”

In addition to figuring out if this is where you want to begin your career, it’s a chance to develop new skills. Tregellas says

“You’re not only paying for the program but also for access to so many great resources, teachers and equipment,” Tregellas said. “I really wanted to learn how to be behind the camera and how to edit things.” At Elon’s new Second Home Studio, students have access to all the equipment and gear needed to work on those skills.

Diego-Bautista says he is gaining more skills that are applicable to his career and will help him as a creative, such as self-tapping, branding, website building and networking.

Another highlight of Elon in LA is their internship program. Students who take part usually have at least one internship during their semester in LA.

“It will allow you the opportunity to work in your desired field of entertainment, and if you play your cards correctly, you can walk away with a few solid industry connections that can vouch for your professionalism,” said Fischer Scott, who completed an internship at the Garry Marshall Theatre. Her internship was so successful they hired her following graduation.

If you are looking for real-world experiences in the film industry, this program is for you. “It is a reality check to those who romanticize being an actor in LA,” Diego-Bautista said.

More information about Elon in LA, and other Study USA programs can be found here.